Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Active vs. reactive planning

As I've been thinking about the approaches Little Spoon and I take to wedding planning, I realize that I'm a reactive person by nature. It would seem that I do best when confronted specifically and concretely with a challenge (or set thereof) that I must overcome, particularly if I also have to confront a specific deadline. I also find that I can be most productive when rebutting an existing model or challenging a paradigm that's already been tested. To work with this style, I often have to make lists and set specific deadlines for my projects that include showing my results to other people - though it's tough!

So, how does this relate to wedding planning? Well, my personality continues to be reactive in wedding planning, whereas Little Spoon has been very active in generating ideas for the wedding. She's come up with lots of ideas on her own, and she's been scouring blogs and other wedding-related sites for inspiration. She's assembled color palettes, researched floral arrangements, examined lots of venues, and done lots of other active work to make the ceremony and reception come together.

And for that, I'm grateful. For me, sorting through all those details without any filter is tremendously aversive and overwhelming. I work much better when she comes to me with a few well-worked options and asks me to react to them. I feel like I can handle making those choices pretty easily, and if I feel like they're relatively final sorts of selections, I also feel happy about them.

So, are you more of an active or a reactive wedding planner?

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  1. Oh, I'm like active. I'm like little spoon looking at blogs and picking out color palettes.

    I wonder if it's gender related?