Monday, March 01, 2010

Music Monday

We had friends over to the house yesterday to watch the Gold medal game between team USA and Canada. While we were chatting before the game, I talked to one of Big Spoon's friends about handling the music at our wedding. It was an unspoken thing that we had failed to communicate up to this point and I felt it was important to go ahead and ask him.

He told us that we would need to have our music list/music files finalized around June. That's way sooner than I had anticipated, so Music Mondays will hopefully be more detailed through the spring as we work through what music to use. It's no secret that the music is more important to me than it is to Big Spoon, but I know that he wants to be involved in the process.

Today's song is one that I have picked out for pre-ceremony music - "Heartbeats." It's quite beautiful as are the majority of José Gonzalez's songs, although this is a cover (and I hate the original).

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