Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random Thursday Ramblings

Seems like everyone else is doing random updates today and since I missed posting yesterday (oops, forgot about my draft), I'll just subject you to a super-long update post. Hurrah!

Update 1:

I STILL haven't lost any weight. However, I am seeing a difference in "inches", so maybe something is working. I put my wedding dress on this past Saturday for the first time since August and it fit much better than it did the day I purchased it.

Last month, Big Spoon bought a big new gigantic TV for our living room. The older flat panel moved upstairs to our bonus room, as did the Wii, my old DVD player, VHS, yoga ball and mat, and free weights. I had not anticipated this transition for at least another year, maybe two. So I began thinking, "hey, how nice would it be to have my own elliptical machine upstairs so I can watch TV or play music while I work out and not have to spray it down because I don't want to get someone's icky germs or wait for the machine?"

I haven't purchased yet, but I'm giving it some serious consideration. I keep thinking of how awesome it would be to get up earlier to work out, make breakfast and get to work on time. I would definitely get more exercise time in during the week. The gym is a total time-suck.

Update 2: 

I have all these DIY projects laid out to do and no time to do them! At least, during the week I don't have time. I'm trying to remember to take pictures and share the process with you all. I should have something to show VERY soon.

Update 3: 

We are heading out to Hartsville, TN this weekend to check out Tully's Bistro and hopefully book our rehearsal dinner venue. Because our venue is in Gallatin and my family will be traveling from north TN, it would be a hassle to drive to Nashville for rehearsal dinner. We've located two nice restaurants near the venue: Monell's and Tully's Bistro.

More updates to come on rehearsal dinner plans.

Update 4:

I feel the time has come to get my little freelance business off the ground, especially now that the company I work has given me permission to do so. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but as a full-time stationery designer, I'm supposed to have their permission to do anything else similar. Whatever. Some very nice person at work saw my LinkedIn profile and decided they would help me out by reporting me to management.  Wasn't that sweet? I will be doing less blogging and more designing and wedding tasks over the next few months.

Thanks to Krista @Becoming Mrs. Dial, I feel more confident that I can figure this whole webpage building thing out.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. ooo let us know if you get an eliptical. My wife wants to get one for our new house, but I am hesitant to purchase large exercise equipment.

  2. Wow - what a total jerk of a co-worker!

  3. My thoughts exactly, dear Mrs. Smith. The worst part is that I don't know who it was, so I just deleted everyone from work from my LinkedIn ::sigh::

    Wifey - I took the plunge this morning and bought it! Here's the link to what I ordered. It won't be here for another week and then I'll have to set it up, but I'll report to you afterward :)

  4. Glad to hear I instilled some confidence with the web site! I know you can do it! Just let me know how I can help. :)

    Wow. Can't believe that about the random co-worker. Sad to hear you'll be blogging less. :(

  5. seriously- whatta douche!! don't worry, it'll come back around to whoever it was eventually. :)