Monday, March 22, 2010

Update 2: County Clerk's and Marriage Licenses

A word of advice to anyone out there planning a civil ceremony and hoping to make it personal by using a friend or loved one to officiate: MAKE DAMN SURE WHAT IS LEGAL IN YOUR STATE. Read and re-read the marriage laws of your state. Cover your ass.

Over the weekend, Big Spoon and I made the decision to get married TWICE. This is by necessity as I am still refusing (and Big Spoon doesn't like it either) to let a perfect stranger perform our ceremony on our wedding day. Since a layman can't obtain an online "ordination" and it be legally binding in the State of Tennessee (by the way, the laws are quite ambiguous about this, but if something happens and you go to court some day down the road, bad things can happen), we have decided to have a friend perform our ceremony on the day of our wedding and actually have civil ceremony performed by the county clerk the morning of our rehearsal.

Great, right? All figured out, all legal. Except for the fact that no where we call will put us on a schedule of any kind. I keep getting "well, it's really early" and "call back closer to time." Really? Six months is too far in advance to schedule a 10-minute, in office civil ceremony?

How does this state function, seriously? I digress.

To be fair, the county clerk of my home town is a really nice person and he tried to help me, but he couldn't make any promises. It's more than I got out of Davidson or Sumner. Wilson was nice, too. I guess our only choice at this point is to wait until September and then attempt to make an appointment somewhere on the day closest to our actual wedding day.

So there ya go, folks. We're getting married twice.

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