Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Heartbroken in the Aftermath of Nashville Flood 2010

I consider myself a Nashvillian, although my hometown is an hour away. I grew up in TN and I've lived here my entire life. I've seen all sorts of weather from the great ice storm in 1993 to a mile-wide tornado that tore through my hometown of Lafayette, TN just two years ago, but I have never seen anything as wide spread and devastating as this. How did we get so lucky as to have escaped damage or flooding or a tornado even?

The Cumberland River has engulfed Downtown Nashville. 19 people are dead and many, many more have lots homes, cars and businesses. I'm heartbroken and worried about our beautiful city and surrounding counties. So much of the city's culture and uniqueness is under water. Lives have been lost and folks who never thought they would need flood insurance are facing the worst.

Let's all work together to find opportunities to give assistance - physical or monetary - in any way we can. It's a shame that the national news coverage is more concerned about a bomb that DIDN'T go off than they are about people dying of natural disasters right here in their own country.

Here are some places you can give:

Nashville Area Red Cross
Soles for Souls
So Nashville is Flooded ... How Can I Help via Nashvillest

Our biggest obstacle this week is conservation of water in Davidson County. Please do you part and refrain from washing your car, your dishes, your laundry ... you might consider not washing yourself every day. This is serious. We are in very real danger of losing our second water plant.

I hope that Rep. Jim Cooper is able to convey to President Obama how serious the situation is here and how much we will need the government's help.

This blog has been started to host the many YouTube videos out there of the flooding and aftermath.

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