Sunday, July 18, 2010

84 Days

Time for updates! I'm working on wedding projects this weekend and blowing through some deadlines I gave myself. Friday night, I finished sorting, addressing and stamping our invitations. I was disappointed that my home printer wouldn't print the envelopes, so I designed some address label wraps. The type is bigger than I would normally design, but I don't want problems at the post office. The pictures are just a bit blurry because it's hard standing in a chair trying to make nice pictures. Just saying. So, without further ado, our invitation suite:

{the suite}

{envelope detail}

{invite detail, which obviously looks better without the blur}

I also finished putting together a program holder. I picked up an old wooded Pepsi crate at Goodwill about a year ago. I spray painted it ivory and purchased a wood embellishment and some scrapbooking rub-ons. This is the result, which will soon be filled with programs! (those gray dots are rhinestones).

In two weeks, the company I work for is throwing my first bridal shower! I'm so excited that they agreed to have it early so that Big Spoon can be there. My friend Beth has gone above and beyond to make it special and my friend Stacey created the e-note to match the theme:

Later this week, I'll post the first installment of our wedding music playlist. We've decided on the ceremony music selections and I'm working on the pre-ceremony music today. Have a happy week!