Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Bridal Trousseau

In the beginning of the process of being engaged and planning a wedding, I just didn't realize how many outfits one must have for the purpose of  getting married. I'm not saying you have to, just that most girls I've known want to wear cute, new things in celebration of the upcoming nuptials. As in, you buy a wedding dress. You buy a "going away" outfit or second wedding dress. Oh wait, gotta have a new dress for my bridal shower. And rehearsal dinner! Shit. Better get some clothes for the honeymoon, too.

I'm attempting to strike a balance between new clothes and my some cherished clothes for the above mentioned purposes. I do have several other weddings, showers and events to attend this year, so almost everything will be doing double duty. I have a red Mad Men-esk dress from our engagement trip that I will probably wear to my bridal shower. I have yet to find a "going away outfit" and I just purchased a black, strapless party dress on clearance at David's Bridal for our civil ceremony/rehearsal day. Yes, I said black. 

I shouldn't feel bad about buying new clothes for the wedding stuff (sometimes I do), but my question is ... did any of you budget these expenses into your wedding budget? I certainly didn't think to and of course, I will re-wear almost all of it as mentioned above (obvious exception being the wedding dress.)

Of course, in times past, these clothes, the gifts from bridal showers and items one would have sewn in anticipation of  being married and running a household were referred to as the bride's trousseau and were considered part of the bride's dowry. It helped that fashion didn't go in and out of style as quickly as it does today. Then again, those ladies didn't always have careers either, did they? My, how some things change will other traditions stay the same. 

trousseau |ˈtroōˌsō; ˌtroōˈsō|noun ( pl. -seaux pronunc. same, or -seaus )the clothes, household linen, and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage.
Here's some interesting information about the history of the trousseau.
The Bridal Trousseau
Timeline of Trousseau
The Vanishing Trousseau


  1. Oh dear. Philip can tell you...I bought any cute dress in sight that was on sale and fit perfectly. The only "previously purchased/worn" dress I wore was the white/gold dress I wore to my bridal shower here in TN. (I'm actually wearing it today!) But indeed...I did purchase a new dress for my IL bridal shower and our rehearsal dinner. I don't know...like you said...there's something about wearing something "new" to these events that are celebrating this "new" stage in life. And yes, I also "had" to get a few for the honeymoon. :) I didn't take the money out of our wedding budget though. Used my own money. Between my girl Heylee (Heylee B.) and Stein Mart, I was covered. :)

  2. Girl, I'm telling you, I have two new black dresses, the new dress I bought for your wedding, and I'm still looking for a bathing suit, a bridal shower dress and a "going away" outfit! LOL Clearly, I should check out SteinMart. Never been in, but hear good things!