Saturday, July 10, 2010

92 Days/3 Months

My FMIL sends me emails almost weekly, which I love. She's the best FMIL ever. Seriously. She remarked yesterday on the fact that today is July 10 and our wedding is a mere 3 MONTHS away. I'm trying to slow down and get a grip on everything that is happening.

All that I know is I'm breathing.
All I can do is keep breathing.
All we can do is keep breathing. Now.

I'm so obsessed with excited about the wedding that I can't concentrate at work. All my creative energy is tied up in the wedding and that isn't good when you get paid to be creative. Also, there is so much going on over the next month or so that I'm having a difficult time staying on task - like other weddings, showers, graduations, high school reunions. Life. Those sorts of things.

Since the last update, Big Spoon chose a wedding band (which he will post about when it arrives), I purchased a little black dress for our civil ceremony/rehearsal, I created and printed address labels for our invitations and handed over the bridal shower invites to my MOH. Little things ... nothing super impressive, but big big deals to me!

I still have all of these things left to do:

• Sort & label the invitations; seal and stamp; mail in August.
• Design all "wedding day" related stationery, including programs.
• DIY the program holder (it's super cute and reusable!)
• DIY my veils, hairpieces, etc.
• DIY my "statement" necklace with Jasmin
• Maybe DIY my bridesmaid's necklaces and earrings. Maybe.
• Oh yeah, DIY my shoe bling
• Doh! I almost forgot about the men's handkerchiefs. Gotta do those too.
• Decorate little detail things, like the cake server and card holder.

My goal is to have all of this completed by midnight on Labor Day. I can do it!


  1. This is so exciting !! My fiancé and I just set our wedding date and ordered our invitations, we're pretty excited too !!

  2. And just think...if you plan on getting it all done by Labor Day, you'll have a month's worth of buffer time to deal with any contingencies that crop up. Yay for Little Spoon and her DIY craftiness!

    French lover, it's amazing how quickly the time flew by in retrospect.