Wednesday, August 11, 2010

60 Days

Holy S*%t. 60 days to go. Two months. Wow. I'm excited ... let's just throw that out there. But I'm also nervous. Nervous that I won't finish all my projects. Nervous that something major will go wrong. Nervous that after all this looooooooong time planning, it won't meet other people's expectations of what they think it will look like.

So, I breathe. Remind myself that it's about US, not how "pretty" we can make things. Ultimately, we'll be married regardless of undone projects and "maybe I should have done this instead" moments. And for that, I am profoundly excited.

I mailed the invitations on Monday. I just went to the post office and dropped them in unceremoniously. I have a couple of additional invitations to send out this week - gotta love those last minute add-ons. And now, we patiently wait for RSVPs to come in because everyone is going to send it back. Right?

We finished couples slash pre-marital counseling last night and went out for a celebratory dinner, which was really nice. I really think everyone should go through a few sessions of counseling before getting married if for no other reason than to strengthen your relationship and your resolve.

Naturally, I'm in DIY and To-Do List overdrive. My goal is to have all projects completed by Labor Day, which should happen since I'm taking an extra vacation day to make sure it does! I'm working on the following:

My veil and fascinator/hair toy (ooh, I have help! Professional, awesome help!)
• Shoe bling
• Men's Hankies
• Paper pomanders (my goodness, what a project! talk about time consuming!)
• Wedding Day stationery - like "reserved" cards, programs and candy buffet labels.
• still need to decorate the toasting flutes, cake server and card holder

And additionally, we're working on really important things like ...

• a photographer "must have" shot list
• finalizing the menu
• rehearsal directions/itinerary/mail invite
finding an officiant! (I think my MOH's father-in-law will be doing the honors)
• vendor payment schedules
• gathering name change forms
• a wedding day timeline (which I'm obviously going to get Margaret's help with)
• deciding on my hair style. I'm terrified to wear it down. I don't want the curls to "melt."
•decide how to decorate "around" the venue, pictures of us to sit about, what to put on the porches, etc.
• we're going to need a decorative table on the front porch to sign our marriage license on.
• and other stuff I can't think of right now because I've just overwhelmed myself writing this!

It's getting real, y'all.


  1. You know where to go for the veil/hair toy RIGHT??? We can customize, baby!
    Consider it a wedding gift.....

  2. AND...You know I'm now living through other brides since I'm no longer planning our I'd LOVE to help again with your list of other DIY projects. :)