Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: TruLu Couture

Let no one tell you that blogging is a waste of time. I've met so many wonderful ladies just by writing about our engagement and wedding planning journey. One that I always enjoy running into the the uber-stylish and talented 30 Something Bride. Thank goodness for Louise! She took a very big project off my hands - my wedding veil!

I'm happy to announce that I will be sporting a TruLu Couture original veil and a hair toy on my wedding day! I had the best time brainstorming with Louise and trying on veils to create my look. She's even incorporating a brooch I purchased on Etsy into my hair toy for the reception. I'm super stoked to see the finished product.

So what is TruLu Couture? Custom bridal veils & accessories and ...

"TruLu Couture has been an evolution of thought and design over the last decade or so. Refusing to be a part of  the nameless, thankless and penniless masses of fashion designers, Louise followed a completely different path of creativity that has finally led her to this particular doorstep. As with all things Louise does, this too will evolve. Come along for the ride, won't you?"

You may not see my veil for a while, though, because T30SB is in the process of moving. Away. Sniffle. But, you will see tons of pictures later!  If you are still in need of a veil for your big day, do yourself a favor and check out TruLu Couture! You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your product is hand-made, one-of-a-kind and in support of an artist and her small business venture. Not to mention, who wants to wear some Made in China mass produced crap on your head on the biggest day of your life?


  1. Awesome. Purchasing from independent vendors is the best...it's nice to get actual customer service. I'm sure it will rock!

  2. Aw! Thanks, girl! That veil and hair toy are gettin' some LOVE this weekend! Can't wait!