Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Days

Okay, I feel like a bad blogger. You've hardly heard from me in a week other than vendor spotlights, right? I know, I'm sorry. It's just that we're 30 days away from the wedding and I'm SO busy. So busy, in fact, that I drafted this yesterday morning and am just now getting around to posting it. 30 days and 1 hour away!

A very happy birthday to my nephew, little sister, little brother and dad this month! I'm excited to report that my brother will in fact make it to the wedding. There was some doubt as to his presence with his starting medical school last month, but I think it will work out. Big Spoon was even kind enough to give my brother the remainder of a Southwest voucher that is set to expire soon. He's the sweetest.

I do have some things to recap for you this week including a post about my hometown bridal shower (waiting on pictures from my sister) and a DIY tutorial on coffee filter pomanders! But first, let me tell you what all I did over the holiday weekend!

Labor Day weekend was great and I got a lot of things done - wedding related and life related! We packed a ton of stuff in between Friday and Tuesday. I finished designing all of our wedding day paper goods, labels, programs and began printing and trimming them. I also started crafting a card box for the gift table and wrapped a few bridal party gifts. I even got the house clean and the laundry finished.

On Sunday, three of my lovely friends came over and helped me blow through some very tedious assembling of coffee filter pomanders. They were wonderful and all of the poms turned out spectacular! Here's a preview, photo courtesy of The Thirty Something Bride.
Speaking of, Mrs. Louise graced me with her presence on Monday so that I could try on my veil and work through the kinks. We played "show-and-tell" and she wrote up a very flattering post about our wedding on her blog! If her vice is vanity, mine is validation and I felt really good about how things are coming together after seeing this post. Again, a BIG thank you to her for offering to make my veil. Now, go check out her Etsy store.

Moving on, I took Tuesday off because I had a feeling I would need the extra day to run wedding errands. Boy, did I! I was on the move from 9 - 5 starting with the lawyer's office where I signed and finalized our pre-nup (Big Spoon signed last week). I then headed over to the bakery to change our cake design to this:

I ran a few other regular errands in town before heading off to Gallatin to pay for our venue. Yep, it's time already. The check and worksheet were due Friday 10, so hand delivered it and did a "test drive" on a different route to the venue. SO GLAD I did because there is hella construction in front of our venue. It's better to be disappointed now than the day of rehearsals, right? ::sigh::

I jetted back to the 'Ville for a dentist appointment. I had a Groupon for teeth whitening (something I hadn't considered spending the money on before the Groupon!) and then topped the day off with a hair cut with my wedding day hair/makeup stylist.

Whew! I was so tired at work Wednesday morning that it was truly pathetic. I wanted to add all kinds of fun pictures to this post, but I'll try and do that over the weekend. Believe it or not, I still have things to do! But overall, I'm feeling excited and really good about where we are right now. I'm ready to be Mrs. Spoon next month. Soooo ready.

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