Saturday, October 09, 2010

One love, one life...


I've always loved this U2 song, and I'd say it ranks as one of my all-time favorite songs. Ever. However, I didn't want to include it in the ceremony or reception because the message is decidedly mixed. But today, with a clarity I haven't really experienced before, I've come to embrace the coda with Little Spoon, which encapsulates some of the best of our relationship: "One life/but we're not the same/we get to carry each other/carry each other/"

The rehearsal generally went well, and we got all the kinks worked out of the ceremony. The order of the procession is set, the transitions are worked out, the sound is checked, and the hall is decorated.

I thought I would be much more nervous about the actual wedding than I am. I was quite nervous the first time around - and perhaps that should have been an indication that I wasn't ready for my first marriage. Yes, I've been nervous about the wedding and about being married this time around, too, but I think that was borne more of being once bitten and twice shy than of true doubts about the state of our relationship.

Or perhaps those were real doubts, real questions that had yet to be resolved. Whatever the case, those doubts are gone now. I can honestly say that after having my family and Little Spoon's family gathered tonight for our rehearsal dinner, it felt like we will truly be coming together as one tomorrow.

Maybe that's what this wedding is truly about. Giving our families a chance to meet each other, to know each other, and to accept each other's being bound together though the love Little Spoon and I share. Maybe it's about showing the people we care about unambiguously that we're here for each other - and dammit, we're proud, happy, and elated to have found each other. And in less than 24 hours, we'll be having one massive celebration of that love. An ultimate declaration that no matter what's come before, we'll be with each other to face the future and build it together, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death do we part. Woohoo!

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  1. I love you, Big Spoon. Thank you for this and for your beautiful vows.