Friday, October 08, 2010

Two days to one wedding


The last work day as a divorced man.

Feelings of being dissociated from my work, but in a Zen sort of way.

The end - the ultimate end - of several withering, nearly dead possibilities.

The dawn of the beginning of a whole new set of living, nurturing futures.

Futures spent together. A lifetime, if we're lucky.

A week of active dreams, full of anxieties being worked out unconsciously.

A final sense of serenity, of security in what I'm doing - in what we're doing.

It's two days until the rest of our lives. And I'm looking forward to it, no matter how disjointed my thoughts may be right now.


  1. Earlier this week I realized that Saturday was 10/10/10 and OF COURSE I thought of the two of you! Have a wonderful, wonderful day! Remember to keep in mind what's most important to you on that day - everything else is just extra - and remember to pause and simply look around, breathe deeply and take it in, ground yourself as you take mental snapshots. Enjoy your initiation into becoming husband and wife. And, most importantly, have a blast.