Friday, November 19, 2010

Budget Review: Miscellaneous Expenses

The Little Things (And Some Big Things)

{© Epic Image Photography}
Marriage License $39.50
Wedding Night Hotel $123.20
Postage $69.00 
Bridal Party & Officiant Gifts $156.61

Things That I Didn't Count In the Budget
My Engagement Ring
My Wedding Dress (given to us by Little Spoon's parents)
Our Honeymoon (given to us by Big Spoon's parents)
Our Rehearsal Dinner (given to us by Big Spoon's parents)
And the few spools of ribbon and occasional bud vase I cheated.

Total Cost: $388

*EDIT: Budget weddings seem to be taking a lot of heat these days for things like the above mentioned "gifts" from our parents or the gift of labor on our flowers by my friend. The fact of the matter is, they WERE gifts. That's the way we see it.  They weren't part of our budget.

Had Big Spoon's parents not paid for rehearsal dinner as part of our wedding gift, we probably wouldn't have had one.  I fundamentally don't see honeymoons and engagement rings as part of the wedding budget. 

Lastly, my wedding dress was a gift - plain and simple. My parents couldn't really get us anything or help us in any way. Mom made me a quilt and bought me a dress. The only reason I've shared our budget is to help others plan fiscally responsible weddings. If you don't like how I've laid it out, tough. You'll get over it. 

As a side note, even with all the "gifts" included, our wedding still cost less than $10K. I'm proud of us for not getting carried away or pissing away more than a down payment on a home for one single day. 


  1. I think you did a fabulous job! And if anyone is ill about your "gifts", it's just jealousy talking because don't we ALL wish we had a personal friend who is a florist, photographer, videographer, restaurant owner, baker, etc...the list goes on. I'm planning for our October wedding now, and we're grateful for the gifts we have been given, and will figure out a way to provide for the rest. I think you are smart to have budgeted the way you did, but you still maintained a sense of elegance evident through your pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Catherine! We appreciate your dropping by to read about our wedding. Feel free to drop me a line anytime if you need help or advice!