Friday, November 12, 2010

On Waiting and Patience

Big Spoon and I are still waiting on the DVD of our wedding day from our professional photographer, but our images are up online. Although I have enough pictures from family and friends to illustrate the remainder of our budget reviews, our vendor reviews and our wedding day recap, I would rather use at least some of the pro pictures we paid for and do things categorically.

We are contracted for a DVD of our images plus a custom album with 300 prints. Until I get both of those things, I don't feel comfortable proceeding with most the posts I have drafted. I don't feel like it is my right to pull those pictures out of the gallery and use them on our blog, although I'd really, really like to. When I have the images in my possession, I can use them here and credit them to our photographer.

But I really don't like waiting .... Big Spoon knows me as probably the most impatient person he's ever met. Patience is key and silence is your best friend in these types of situations. I've learned that the hard way more times that I care to tell you about. Fingers crossed that it is in the mail as I type because I really need to get started on a photo book and scrap book.

My wonderful family and friends have provided us with over 300 pictures from our wedding weekend, some of them as good or better than the professional photos (yes, I just said that.) My younger sister/MOH, my mother-in-law, my father's ex-wife (and mother of my older sister) as well as our fantastic caterer and a few friends have been so sweet to provide us with all the photos they snapped! And we are so very grateful for that.

I picked up our wedding day footage and highlight reel from the lovely Naomi yesterday at lunch. Again, something we got on an incredibly small budget and are pleased with. She did a great job and at some point, I may post it depending on how Big Spoon feels about it. 

I'm really excited to share our budget recap and vendor reviews with you in hopes that it helps some couples make educated choices while planning their own budget and/or Nashville area weddings! Stay tuned!

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