Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nesting Spoons: A Series About Our Newlywed Life

In order to bring our blog into the here and now and transition out of all-things-wedding, I will be starting a new series about being newly wed. Some of the posts will center around my adventures in home decoration (DIY, renovations and otherwise), some will be about our challenges and joys of our first year together, others may detail how we stay fit and healthy together.

I still fully intend to give you a pictorial review of our wedding day, talk about the things we did right, the things that went wrong and do some vendor reviews. BUT ... at some point later this year, our blog will cease to be wedding-central. Why? Because that isn't what we're about as a couple. A wedding is one day in an ocean of days in your life. It is a meaningful right of passage, a new chapter and all those fun clich├ęs, but ultimately, it is but one day. I have to let go of it and move on. We're a couple who planned a wedding on a modest budget together. That's pretty cool to me in and of itself.

I am starting a brand-new blog that will be quite wedding-heavy. I'll post more details as they develop :)

Have a happy, snowy day!

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