Sunday, March 06, 2011

Problems With Deodorant Smudges? Take Away White!

So here's something cool and quite handy! I was asked to review a new product on the blog for Takeawaywhite. They sent me a few samples of this little gray foam that take the guess work out of getting that pesky white deodorant out of your clothes!

takeawaywhite is an eco-friendly dry reusable oval foam pad for men, women and teens designed to remove deodorant smudge marks from almost all fabric clothing. An unsightly deodorant mark is annoying and almost always happens when you are in a hurry.

You’ve seen it – you take a last look in the mirror and there is the deodorant smudge – a deodorant powder residue mark across your body! So annoying, and such a hassle, until now...

lifts the white deodorant residue powder from almost all fabrics. However, it is not a stain remover and will not remove grease.

*Disclosure: I received one full-sized and two mini samples of this product to review.  I received no monetary compensation.

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