Friday, July 22, 2011

The All Natural Face Review

I have a secret.

I stopped using department and drug store foundation this year. I still buy the occasional tube of mascara, but almost every make-up product I use on my face now comes from The All Natural Face.

Here's why: I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and terrible allergies. I used to loathe having to wear makeup at all to cover my acne scars because most makeups made everything so much worse; especially the black heads. Ewh.

I was first intrigued by The All Natural Face because their products are Vegan - free from harmful toxins and additives that your skin doesn't need. I started by ordering eyeshadow samples. A girl can never have too many options, right? They are phenomenal and the pigments are really vibrant. Their samples are low cost with low shipping and oh-so-generous!

After trying the eyeshadow, I decided to try the mineral makeup and a few other goodies. There are currently 59 shades of foundation, so you can easily find a perfect match. I used a different color every day for a week (the samples are that great!) and finally decided on Almond Goddess, which I have been wearing for several months now and LOVE IT. Not only is it non-toxic, it's highly affordable.
{image © The All Natural Face}

I also use the eyelid primer, salmon concealer (which is fantastic), stick concealer in my foundation shade, Angel Wings mineral veil along with my smattering of eyeshadow and blush samples. As soon as I've picked a few favorites, I fully intend to switch over to The All Natural Face blush and eyeshadow. Also, they run a great many promotions and email you with promo codes frequently. I love that!

The All Natural Face has some of the most reasonable prices for the quality of the product that I've seen. I highly recommend The All Natural Face as an inexpensive and natural alternative to drugstore and department store beauty products.

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