Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary

{One Love}

This week, we celebrated our very first anniversary. It didn't even cross my mind to blog about it. I think it goes without saying that Big Spoon and I have gotten a bit too busy to keep up a blog with any sort of consistency.

Our first year of marriage has been interesting - ups, downs, patience, frustration, and lots of love. I think we learn more and more about one another every day. There are things going on in our lives that I just can't disclose on the blog, but suffice it to say that Big Spoon Little Spoon isn't going away. We're gonna need this blog for a long time.

But it will change.

Just as quickly as it came upon me, the lust for wedding porn, wedding conversations, wedding anything went away. *Poof* Gone. We're married. It's great. We have pictures hanging in the house. We're moving on ....

I'm doing a Rock the Dress photo shoot in a few weeks. I wasn't completely satisfied with our wedding photos and we thought it would be a fun way to reconcile that and get a few anniversary shots as well. I'll post photos and introduce you to our photographer. She's quite talented and I'm very excited to work with her.

We had a great anniversary ... the Saturday before our actual special day, we had a couple's massage, dinner at Watermark, and dessert at Jeni's in East Nashville. On Monday, I made a special dinner. We ate our cake top (it was good!) and opened a bottle of wine from our honeymoon.

I'm very excited for what the next year holds for us.

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