Thursday, February 16, 2012

Falling Down Ladders and Such

After reading my last blog post, Big Spoon gave me a "do you seriously think you can do all of this in two weeks?" look and asked me to be a bit more realistic about ... well, what I could realistically accomplish in a week and half.

He was right.

I did manage to get the half-bathroom painted, but not before I tumbled down a ladder onto the vanity and busted my ass. Paint tray goes *bloop* - face down onto the plastic sheeting. I was pretty sore for a few days and even now, my back remembers what happened.

Did I mention that I sliced through the top of my thumbnail the same week with a paper cutter at work? No? Oh, it's lovely, I assure you.

The half-bath needs another coat of paint, the trim repainted and the cabinets repainted (don't even get me started on the bathroom cabinets ....) In the meantime, I did do quite a bit of organizing and discovered Space Bags. Oh-Em-Gee. I lurve them. I crammed two vintage raincoats, two vintage winter coats and some scarves into a bag, sucked the air out and BAM! It slides under the bed. Amazing.

I'm not being paid to say this by Space Bag©, but if they'd like to, I'd be totally okay with that! I purchased a value pack at our neighborhood Big Lots (super big puffy heart that store) and they were worth every cent of the $15. I took a look at their infomercial website and for approximately $3.44 each (or $68.80), you can get a 20 bag set. I haven't bitten that bullet yet, but it's very tempting.

What do you use for storage and organization around the home?

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