Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spring Cleaning & Other Lofty Goals

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Hello again, blog world! As much as I hate to admit it, I can't do everything. I certainly try, but only succeed in having a ton of unfinished projects and a desire to sit on the sofa like a vegetable at the end of the workday. Blogging has certainly been on the bottom of my "to-do" list over the past year. In an effort to hold myself accountable for some of these unfinished and important "to-dos", I'm going to blog about it. Double whammy! Super exciting, I know.

I'm issuing a challenge (to myself) to get Big Spoon and myself organized, purged and cleaned for Spring. Or as I like to say "clean all the things!" Now, let's be honest ... I don't clean all the things. I work a 40+ hour job and Big Spoon works tons more than I do, so we have a once-a-month cleaning service. I keep things tidy the rest of the time and do all the laundry and cooking.

That service makes it a lot easier for me to actually enjoy doing the rest of the things - laundry, cooking, organizing, decorating, social life, etc. We may not be able to afford it forever, but for now, I love it.

Moving on ...
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I (attempt) to organize a monthly ladies' brunch and our February brunch will be held at the Spoon residence. Yay! Which also means I moved the cleaning service up a few days and must get my butt in gear to as far as this "challenge" goes. Here's my tentative outline for the week:

Week 1: February 6 - 12

• Paint the downstairs half-bathroom - Walls painting 02/14. Trim & cabinets later.
• Pack up the dishes in the breakfront and move breakfront away from dining room wall - priority
• Clean out and organize the under stairs closet  - would be nice to complete
• Clean out and organize the coat closet  - would be nice to complete
• Prep the dining room to be painted - would be nice to complete

Week 2: February 13 - 19

• Paint the dining room (before & after to come!) - priority
• Work on the DIY dining room art (project recap to come!)  - would be nice to complete
• Achievable tasks left over from Week 1 - would be nice to complet
• Set up for ladies' brunch! - priority

We'll see if I can pack all of that in to the next two weeks.

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