Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thrifty Find: Cake Stand

I found a cake stand! My $2.99 Goodwill purchase is a "vintage" wooden stand for a 9"-10" cake. I plan to refinish it and paint it either black or white. (Pictures to follow!)

My cake vision consists of four separate, round, white cake tiers, simply - if at all - decorated. I like the idea of fresh flowers on top of each. Since the tiers will remain separate, I need four cake stands for display purposes.

Wedding cakes can be true works of art - both beautiful and delicious. However, I wouldn't hang a wedding cake on my wall. You eat it. Luckily, Big Spoon and I agree that a good wedding cake doesn't necessarily have to be outrageously expensive.

Have suggestions for Nashville-are bakeries? I'd love feedback :)


  1. Little Spoon,
    Our baker is the very last vendor we booked. I blog all about the process. However, I suggest Sweet 16th , A Bakery in East Nashville. The are a small, husband/wife team, NOT a wedding cake manufacturer charging by the slice. Their most expensive cake is $45. Their cheapest is $25. We plan to feed about 90 people with 4 cakes, less than $200 total. Great blog!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the tip. I have sampled one of their pastries, but never cake!