Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blog Awards

Alright, folks. I am clearly quite dense, but I had never used my Google reader until a fellow blogger left a comment here. Through exploring reader, I realized that Sassy Bride on a Mission awarded me with a blog award over two months ago. I'm sorry, Cassandra! I would have said thank you and given you a shout out a lot sooner. My only excuse is that Oct. 9 was the week our original venue fell through and I wasn't exactly keeping up with peeps.

So, many thanks, Miss Cassandra! I'm almost positive that every Nashville blogger bride I am aware of already has this award, however, I didn't notice it on the sidebar of any of the following blogs I read frequently. That doesn't mean anything, but I would feel bad not at least attempting to pass it along. They're kinda like chain letters, no? So, I changed the rules a bit ;) Here ya go ladies!

Little Miss Southern

Post 4 facts about yourself and pass the award along to 4 creative bloggers!

1. Big Spoon said "I love you" first, but of course, I said it right back.

2. Our engagement trip to NYC almost didn't happen due to a miscommunication. I loathed the idea of being proposed to on a holiday and when we realized it we would be there Easter weekend, almost changed our plans. He proposed the day after Easter.

3. Our wedding date - 10.10.10 - was my idea, but Big Spoon was really pushing for a summer wedding (he's a professor, it makes sense). However, when I pointed out that it was binary code, he was sold on the idea as well.

4. Big Spoon and I had only been dating three months when we started looking at engagement rings. We consciously chose a long engagement to give our relationship more time to grow and mature, not to mention save the money for our wedding!

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  1. Awww!! Thanks for the award! I feel special! Totally made my day! :)