Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me Via Rue La La!

Have you heard of Rue La La? No? well, then ... let me introduce you to your new vice. Rue La La is an online shopping resource where Members get their most wanted designers at private sale prices. And if you sign up by December 24, they'll start you off with a $10 credit!

This week, I opened an email from them that contained a $25 credit for the holidays! I didn't have to do anything but shop for this beauty. It was sale priced $29.00 and with my credit and shipping, I paid less than $14 for a sterling silver Argento Vivo necklace:

But, Rue La La is by invitation only. So click here to get started today through my personal invitation! They currently have a Vera Wang Wedgewood boutique open for you brides to be.

* edit: Rue La La did not in any way, shape or form, ask me to post this, pay me to post this or give me free goods for posting this. I'm simply sharing a cool website. The end.


  1. What a fabulous score! That necklace is just precious.

  2. Can you join if you are Canadian? I have been trying to join but it won't let me input a Canadian postal code.

  3. Hi Kas! Thanks for visiting our blog. I have searched the Rue La La site upside down and the only info I can find is a customer service telephone # for US only customers. I'm going to call them tomorrow and ask about Canadian memberships. I'll update you soon!

    - N

  4. Thanks so much for checking it out for me!

  5. This is the information I was emailed about international members:

    "I am so sorry to hear that your friend is unable to join at this time. Although we only ship within the United States and only accept credit cards with a billing address located inside the U.S., we do not prohibit international customers from joining. I hope that your friend is able to join. " - Rue La La Concierge