Monday, February 15, 2010

8 Months and Counting *OR* Why Do I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something?

I think we've reached it: the proverbial "boring" time during the wedding planning process where all the big stuff is done, it's too soon to move on to the next stuff and I feel like I have all the time in the world for DIY projects ... except the unfinished details are bugging the crap out of me.

Eight more months. Eight seems like a long time, but the fact that we've been engaged since last April puts it in perspective. We've accomplished so much in 10 months that I am really beginning to feel like I've forgotten something. Here's what's been happening lately ...

Bridesmaid's dresses, tux shopping, wedding band shopping and gift registry are all being pushed until May-ish. There is simply too much going on with my family and with Big Spoon's job to justify adding to people's stress when these things will get done eventually.

I've more or less finished designing our invitations. I even purchased the envelopes today at Paper Plus in Downtown Nashville. Am I crazy to want to print, trim, embellish and mount these little guys already? I still have all this other paper stuff to design to and I swear to you, I lay awake at night and critique my designs. Over and over and over. I'm constantly talking myself into "it doesn't matter, it's an invitation." ::Sigh::

It occurred to me over the weekend that the lovely little $2 cake topper my mom bought for right after we were engaged (when I was going balls-out "vintage". Yeah right) is white. Our cake is ivory. Oops. So, naturally, I decided to do the thing I've secretly wanted to do the whole time: monogram cake topper! Cliché? Maybe. But I've decided that a) I don't care what people think b) this isn't a beauty pageant or popularity contest, it's our wedding and c) We'll put some flowers around it. It will be fab.

It gets better. Although I loathe the, on a night of steroid-induced insomnia, I was browsing the "wedding coupon" section of (with monogram on the brain) and discovered that they were having a sale. Their plain jane mirrored monogram cake toppers were $5.99 and I also found this handy $5 off coupon, so I bought it. Unfortunately, the shipping was ridiculous, but in total, I paid $10 something for it. I'm going to embellish it myself.

All these little details and "to-do" things are swirling around in my brain and making me nuts. I keep writing lists over and over of the DIY projects I want to do and I'm afraid I won't get them done if I don't do them now, in order of importance, wearing a tutu and simultaneously folding laundry, ahhhhhhhh!

Have I officially moved to Crazyville?

*Oh yeah. I just remembered the thing I was forgetting ... we don't have an officiant! I'll post about that later because it's a long story.


  1. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I am doing a project for a class about blogs. I agree with you. I have been planning for a few months now and am stuck as well. I have major things planned out but Its too soon for everything else. The one major thing are my bridesmaids. I need to find them dresses but they are all too "busy" do you have any advice?

  2. I'm glad you ran across us too! If your bridesmaids are too busy to go shopping for dresses, I can suggest a couple of things.

    I haven't gone dress shopping with my bridesmaids yet, either. I emailed them today and gave them a choice of three Saturdays in April. That is plenty of time to plan, ask off work or whatever. They will be wearing black, so as long as the fabric doesn't clash, they can get whatever they want and hopefully in a reasonable price range.

    Do you want them to dress alike, different but in the same color or in an array of colors? You might assign a color palette and just let the girls pick out dresses they are comfortable in.

    Or, choose a dress for them online (like at JCrew) or at David's Bridal so that it's pretty simple; they just go buy a dress that fits.

    Good luck with your wedding planning and project!

    All of that to say, the key is simplicity and flexibility.