Monday, June 21, 2010

111 Days to Go

It is safe to say that planning has ground to a slow crawl at this point. We are SO CLOSE to being finished, yet, so far ... I just want to wave a magic wand and have all of my DIY projects completed!

So far this month: 

• I turned 28
• I saw Krista Becom[e] Mrs. Dial
• purchased this expensive-ass bra (after which I realized that I have a Dillard's gift card from my FMIL, so I'll be taking it back and re-purchasing with the gift card).
• took some "nearly naughty" photos! (We won a photography package back in October at a bridal show, so it was the equivalent of a free "boudoir" session. Can't wait to see the photos later in the month).
• registered for gifts at Bed, Bath & Beyond

My "to-do" list for June includes:

• pay lots of attention to Big Spoon
• host "Crafts & Cocktails" party on the 26th - I'm hoping to get all the invites assembled as well as shower invitations and wedding wands.
• complete and submit the music playlists for the ceremony and reception.
• pick up my wedding dress from Sarah Mallory!
• update my planning binder
• screw cleaning because it's not as important as the wedding (I tell myself this over and over, everyday)

Whew! There's a lot to do before the 30th. Happy first day of summer, y'all!


  1. Yayyy! I'm so glad you two made our big day! Can't wait to hear about your Nearly Naughty photo session! I have a girlfriend who does boudoir photography. Her company is called Bombshell Creative. I was planning to do a session with her but things got a little crazy and it just didn't happen. Hoping to schedule time within the next few months.

    PUMPED about the crafts and cocktails party! What should I bring? (Besides myself and my craftiness? *wink*)

  2. I can always use another reason to screw cleaning!

  3. LOL! @ WW ... it doesn't take very compelling reasons for me to screw cleaning.