Wednesday, September 29, 2010

11 Days

Big Spoon and I will be spending 5 of our last 11 days as fiancé/fiancée ... apart! This morning, he left for a conference on the other side of the country and won't be back until late Sunday night. We got up at 5:45 (which is crazy early for us) and I came in to work early.

I miss him already.

While he's away, I have tons to do. So much to do, in fact, that I'm more overwhelmed than excited about our upcoming wedding. My job decided to get really busy the three last weeks before the wedding. Awesome, right?

There is so little time to blog and there's a really good chance that there will only be a few more posts before the big day. I have to clean the house and make a big batch of chili ahead of time so that Big Spoon's parents have something to eat and a fresh bed to sleep in when they arrive next week.

I'm also still working on my damn shoe bling (worst DIY idea ever, by the way) and getting the finishing touches on a few decorations. Did I mention I haven't organized everything yet or finished washing our linens? Yeah. At least I've already started the wedding day envelopes. Boo yah! Almost finished there.

I'm putting off the OOT bags (all 5 of them) until my FMIL gets here. Of course, I will do theirs and it will be a little more elaborate, but any help is appreciated and she has offered numerous times.

I have to write my vows while Big Spoon is away (he is doing the same) and my bachelorette brunch is Saturday.

I'm worn out just writing all of this.

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  1. Oh, wedding day twin...good luck with everything and see you on the other side!