Monday, October 04, 2010

Happy Wedding Week! 6 more days!

Happy wedding week to us! Big Spoon is home and I'm so happy to have him back! We're both very sleep deprived at this point and I didn't get nearly enough done while he was gone.

I haven't written my vows.

The decorations aren't organized & the "reserved" seating signs aren't "ribboned."

The house isn't clean.

I'm stressing out and I hate it. I shouldn't be stressed right now, but there is tons still to do before his parents arrive on Wednesday.


On a brighter note, I had a fabulous bachelorette brunch on Sunday afternoon. Six wonderful girlfriends showed up to celebrate with me and my BFF from High School came in from Knoxville to spend the night Saturday night. It was a very special weekend.

This is most likely my last post before the big day.


  1. This is so exciting !!!! I'm getting married in exactly 2 months :D I can't wait.

  2. French lover, I'll bet you're starting to feel some anticipatory anxiety, too :)

    Little Spoon tends to forget that my parents aren't expecting to have everything perfectly organized when they're there. In fact, they seem quite willing to help out with the basic organization and other such things - it gives 'em something to do while we're at work this week!