Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Budget Review: Photography & Videography

Naomi Heilmann

What We Got:
7 hours of video coverage, disc of raw footage with minor edits and a highlight reel
{I met Naomi, a recent film school grad, at a party in May. LUCKY find because we otherwise were not going to have a video. $100 of the cost was a gift from a family friend.}
$125  $25

© Epic Image Photography
Affordable Wedding Photography of Nashville aka Epic Image Photography aka Derek Lee

What We Got: 
5 hours of wedding day photography, outdoor engagement session, DVD of all images
& album of 300 prints (will receive album & prints shortly)

Total Cost: $1549.04


  1. WOW! You got such a fabulous deal on videographer! I'm not big on spending a huge amount of money on one, so I may elminate it UNLESS you think she may want another videographer job?!? Do you think she would? If so, could you email me?