Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Wedding: Best Memories

Sometimes, when I reflect on our wedding, I have a tendency to dwell on those things that went wrong. Over the past five months, I've made an effort to do less of that and try to remember more things that I really liked or enjoyed about our day. After all, we put in a lot of hard work to make the day special and in many ways, it was exactly that. Here are some of my favorites from our wedding day ...
  • Advice from my grandfather. Between the two of us, all but one set of grandparents have passed away. I was terrified during our 18 months of planning that my 80-year-old maternal grandparents would be unable to attend the wedding. As luck would have it, both my Papa and Granny were there for the entire wedding. As they came through the receiving line, my Papa took one of my hands and one of Big Spoon's. With many tears, he told us simply to "just love one another. Love one another every day. That's what we've done and we've been happily married for 62 years." That was the most special thing anyone said that day, aside from my husband's vows. I'll never forget it and I tear up every time I think about it.
  • Big Spoon cried when I read my vows to him. I really didn't expect that.
  • My handsome husband. Speaking of Big Spoon, as memorable as our "first look" was before picture taking, my clearest memory is of his face during the ceremony and our first dance. That's one of the first things I think about when I reflect. Just his handsome face.
  • My flowers blew me away. My friend Jasmin of Artisan Flowers is so amazingly talented. We became friends at our first design job and she gave me one of the most incredible wedding gifts. I trusted that she would do an excellent job, but I swear to you, my flowers look like I paid thousands for them. Thousands. I consider her one of my dearest, best friends and I'll never forget how fortunate I am to have that friendship, above and beyond the wedding flowers. I'm not sure how I'll ever repay her. They were hands down my favorite detail of our wedding.
  • The drive off. Transportation was not a priority for us and we didn't do a big send off because I knew our guests well enough to know that they would start leaving before we did. We stuck around and tried to make sure things got put away and sent with the proper responsible people. There were lots of hugs and kisses, then Big Spoon and I hopped in my car and took off toward our hotel. We laughed and talked about our wedding all the way there.

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