Friday, April 01, 2011

20 Things That I Would Never Change About Our Wedding Day

1) Planning our wedding myself with Big Spoon. It was still ours, regardless of the flaws.

2) Seeing Big Spoon holding my bouquet in the rose garden, waiting for me and looking all sexy in his tux.

3) Taking the pictures before the ceremony. I still think it's better than waiting until after because people won't wait for you. They leave.

4) Having our closest family, friends & colleagues there to celebrate with us.

5) Our date. I love 10.10.10. Everyone who thinks it's cliché and silly can suck it.

6) My grandfather's words of wisdom in the receiving line.

7) Big Spoon putting my wedding band on backwards after digging it out of his tux pocket. So cute!

8) Crying while I read my vows to him. And kissing him afterward, even though I'm supposed to wait until the end.

9) Our officiant and celebrant. They were perfect and our choice was deeply meaningful to us.

10) My flowers! OMG ... my flowers were AMAZING. Auh-ma-ZING!!!

11) My cake was gorgeous! and tasty!

12) Our caterer rocked everyone's socks. I love Rita.

13) My DIY details. Everything looked wonderful. Especially the coffee filter pomanders. My friends RULE.

14) Writing our ceremony and vows. I'm totally biased, but ours was the prettiest sounding wedding I've ever been to ;)

15) My dress. I loved my dress and didn't want to take it off.

16) Choosing to not cover my tattoo.

17) Taking lots of little moments with Big Spoon (mostly to calm me down) and feeling very close to him that day.

18) Paying a recent film school graduate to shoot our wedding. We have our vows on DVD and that's truly special.

19) Waiting to go on our honeymoon.

20) Having a wedding. I wouldn't change it, no matter how many times I wonder if a courthouse wedding would have been easier.


  1. I went with Naomi for our videographer, and we should be getting our video this weekend sometime!! I'm so glad I ran across your blog and found her!! I love reading your blog, I wish I was a good blogger!

  2. YAY! We ran into Naomi a few weekends ago and she told me that she had booked a wedding through our blog. Thank you so much for continuing to read our blog! I know content has been very slow lately. I think your blog looks great! I especially love your header picture. Gorgeous!